About Me

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Hi! I am a recent university graduate who is packing her bags and moving to Taichung, Taiwan in order to teach English. My deepest desire is to teach children the Word of God and to see their lives (and their families!) transformed.

Why “Teacher Ruth”?
In order to protect anonymity in case God leads me to a closed country in the future, I have decided to adopt the moniker “Teacher Ruth” to identify myself on this site. If you leave a comment on a post, I ask that you please respect this. =)

A Brief Look at my Testimony:

I grew up in a non-Christian home as the second oldest of 5 children. Ever the “good child” I often came second in priority when siblings were getting into trouble and demanding my parent’s attention. I began to struggle with depression, eventually coming to the point where I could not bear living anymore. It was painful to live and as far as I could find, there was no point to life. Within days of my planned suicide, a close friend invited me to a church retreat. The topic that weekend struck me hard – my heart ached and I did not understand why. Something that weekend changed my mind about suicide, and even though living was hard, I continued. Within 6 months, I dedicated my life to Christ and asked Him to cleanse me of my sin. Ever since He has been gradually peeling off the wordly layers that I piled high and showing me glimpses of the person He originally created me to be.

My Personal Goal:

As I grow in my relationship with Christ, I find such wonder and joy in the people God created. We are all deep, intricate, wonderful people that have been lost and are trying to make something of ourselves without the guidance of the Creator we were designed to have. It is my personal goal to love and find the inner being of each person with whom I come into contact.


I became a Christian in 2009 and realized by 2010 that I wanted to be a missionary to Taiwan. It was not until 2014 that the Lord affirmed this desire and put things in place for this to happen.