About My Ministry

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Children in Taiwan typically attend school from early morning to late evening with traditional Chinese school in the morning. After Chinese school most students attend an English school for several hours at which they learn the alphabet, how to read, pronunciation, and basic conversation. Other activities that Taiwanese students engage in are music lessons (typically piano), sports (soccer, basketball, swimming, martial arts of some sort, etc.), calligraphy classes, cooking classes, and more.

The school I will be working at is an English school run by a Christian couple called JacksonFive English School in Taichung, Taiwan. Through lessons in English, students will learn Bible stories, learn about prayer (what it is and how to pray for one another), as well as hear the Gospel. The students range in age from 6-12 years old. Most are non-believers and come from a Buddhist or Taoist background. Through this ministry of teaching English, children, their families, and the community are becoming exposed to the saving Word of God.



What is Taiwan Like?

To learn more about Taiwan (culture, climate, travel destinations, food, etc.) I highly recommend reading “101 Tips for Living in Taiwan“. This is an excellent source to learn about Taiwan, even if you don’t plan to live there! It is a free ebook written by an expat couple living in Taiwan. Have fun downloading and reading it!